We're Here to Help with your iShieldz Product

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get about iShieldz product.

Yes, this is normal. The iShieldz screen protector is designed to absorb the impact of dropping your phone. It reduces the chance ofyour phone’s screen being scratched or damaged.

There are two primary causes for bubbles:

1. Placing the glass too quickly on the screen and not allowing trapped air underneath the glass to escape - In this case, gently lift the glass edge that is closest to the bubble up to the bubble, then slowly and gently lower the glass back down onto the screen. Use the microfiber cloth in a wiping motion to seal the glass and help expel out any remaining air pockets.

2. Debris or other dust under the glass - In this case, lift the glass and use the dust removal sticker to remove any dust or debris. Reinstall once the glass and the screen is clean.

Cleaning the device before the installation of iShieldz tempered glass is critical to ensure a proper installation. Waxes, polishes and oils used during the manufacturing of your device screen prevents the adhesive used on the screen protector to adhere securely. Always use the included alcohol cleaning wipe, microfiber cleaning cloth and dust sticker before installation to ensure a smooth installation experience.

Although it is possible to use your device without this setting, for heavy users and mobile gaming purposes it is recommended to set your device to “Touch sensitivity” mode after the installation of your iShieldz.

1. From your home screen, select Settings
2. Select “Advanced Features”
3. Scroll down on the page to “Touch Sensitivity”
4. Enable the feature by swiping the switch to the right

Not to worry! Gently lift one corner of the screen protector and peel it off the screen. Make sure to go slowly and gently to avoid breaking the screen protector. Once the screen protector is off the screen, align the glass carefully once again and reinstall.

While iShieldz tempered glass is designed with case friendliness in mind, there are some cases in the market which do not allow the glass screen protector to be installed. Before purchasing a case for your new device, check with the retailer that it is screen protector friendly.